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July 2013

Sunday July 21st

D Why

7:00 pm

David Morris otherwise known as D Why is the new kid on the block in the rap game. He has been featured on Childish Gambino's "Freaks and Geeks". He claims, "I'm Jay-Z/Meets J. Christ/Meets Jay Leno/Meets J.Crew." D Why is coming to show San Diego whats up this summer! Get your tickets here

Saturday July 20th

Tony Toni Tone After Party


Tony Toni Tone After Party feat. Samoan Irok, Amanda Mercedes, and Aquile

Samoan Irok

Amanda Mercedes

Aquile has performed in venues all across the nation in such places as “The House of Blues” all the way to small coffee shops where his passion for performing “live” fills the room with awe and contagious inspiration. This singer/songwriter will win your heart and leave you wanting his last note to never end!

Purchase tickets here. NOTE: This event is at the Crossroads Stagehouse in Oceanside, not at Porter's Pub.

Saturday July 13th

Lil B

8:00 PM

Brandon "Lil B" McCartney of Berkeley, CA penned his first Billboard 200 hit at the age of 15 with his group The Pack. His song "Vans" received nationwide airplay and worldwide distribution through Jive Records, launching Lil B's career as a recording artist. Since his early successes, Lil B has recorded nearly 3,000 songs, self produced and directed hundreds of music videos and developed an army of online and real-world supporters with a creative style and originality unmatched in the entertainment industry. Lil B is a published author and the architect of the “Based” lifestyle - a philosophy that encourages positive thinking and creative expression in the pursuit of happiness and helping others. This is Brandon "Lil B" McCartney's debut performance as a solo artist in the San Diego/La Jolla area. Purchase tickets here

Friday July 12th

Anamanaguchi w/ Kitty Pryde

8:00 pm

Anamanaguchi is serious about being happy. They’re part of a wave of young Internet romantics, nostalgic for a future they know may never come, but can see the seeds of it in the beauty that surrounds them. They’re making emotional dance music for the video game generation and aren’t afraid to claim it. Anamanaguchi was born past cynicism & indifference; they’re in love with the universe and aim to celebrate magic-made-real with their music. The band is interested in breathing life into low-tech machines and making expressive, emotional melodies using the simplest, rawest electronic tones available. Purchase tickets here

Saturday July 6th

Devin the Dude


Devin Copeland, better known by his stage name, Devin the Dude, is a Houston hip hop rapper. He is best known for his unique rapping style, his long career signed to Rap-A-Lot Records, and his 2002 song, "Lacville '79" Purchase tickets here

Friday July 5th



The 26 year old Artist Problem aka Jason Martin is also known for being a writer, producer, engineer, song arranger and father. Problem was born in Germany, raised in Compton. His musical inspirations are Eminem, everything under the NWA tree, Lil Wayne, Isley brothers, Prince, Aaliyah, R.Kelly, The Temptations, Dj Quik, The Jacksons & The group DeBarge. With the talent and accolades to match, Problem is destined to shine. When asked Problem what style of music he wants to present to the world his response is “Whatever the (expletive) I feel like doing. I will not be boxed into any style or genre of music. So when you try to classify my style of rapping, don’t. Just let me be an artist.” Purchase tickets here

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