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September 2013

Saturday September 28th

Ladies Night at Porter's Pub


Tha Monstaz and Rangers performing live, with 2 stages: indoor and outdoor.

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Sunday September 22nd

The Slackers, Ottly Mercer, The Routine


The Slackers have spreading their gospel of "Jamaican Rock N Roll" for 21 years now. While they have been influenced, and even personally taught by Jamaican ska/reggae originators, like the Skatalites and the Upsetters (Original backing band for the Wailers) they play it with a decidedly American accent. Basically, this band is equally appreciative of old blues, country, 60s soul, rock, and Rnb as it is of reggae, rocksteady, dub, and Ska. It is as if the Rolling Stones or the Yardbirds had grown up on Bob Marley as well as Muddy Waters. Smashing the stereotypes of "ska" as happy,uptempo, and shallow music, the Slackers play with an aggressive edge and their songs veer in themes from the personal to the political.

Ottly Mercer has been lucky enough to have legendary support from both the ska and reggae musicians such as Ken Boothe, Roddy Radiation and The Slackers. OM is not your average reggae band from California. Retro reggae is coined by Ottly Mercer in order to clarify the style of reggae they create, along with other San Diego ska and reggae bands that continue to hold on to traditional styles of ska and reggae.

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Saturday September 21st

Island Hip Hop Luau


Big Uce Promotions Presents

The Official Pacific Islander Festival After Party
Island Hip Hop Luau 2013

Performing Live
Samoan Irok
& Special Guest Performances

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Friday September 20th

The Orb with Nostalghia


The Orb is celebrating its unique position as one of the few names to emerge from the 1988 acid house revolution still creating vital new music with a series of special 25th anniversary UK shows. With founder Alex Paterson joined by various collaborators over the years, The Orb has released a string of best-selling singles, including ‘Little Fluffy Clouds’, ‘Blue Room’ and ‘Toxygene’, and groundbreaking albums, including the chart-topping ‘U.F. Orb’, ‘Orblivion’, ‘Metallic Spheres’ [with Pink Floyd’s Dave Gilmour] and, most recently, two collaborations with reggae legend Lee Perry.

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Thursday September 19th

Comedy Show


The hilarious Gordon Downs, La Jolla Comedy Store regular, is hosting. Local up and comer Jonathan A. Lieberman will be performing. Dallas S. McLaughlin, seen regularly at the American Comedy Co is featuring. Billy Bonnell, two-time winner of San Diego's Funniest Person Contest, is headlining!

Seating at 7:00pm, show time is 7:30pm.

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Friday September 13th

Mykki Blanco


An interesting mix of RuPaul, Marina Abramovic, Marilyn Manson, Kate Moss, and André Breton, Mykki Blanco isn't so much an everyday person but an event, art happening, hip-hop artist, and "womanly side" of Michael David Quattlebaum Jr. Quattlebaum grew up bouncing between San Mateo, California, and Raleigh, North Carolina, but ran away to New York City at the age of 16, where he discovered and embraced the transgendered lifestyle. He didn't stay there long, and soon headed back to California, but college drew him toward the Art Institute of Chicago. Moving back to N.Y.C. after dropping out of school, he began to write, publishing his book of poems From the Silence of Duchamp to the Noise of Boys in 2011. Besides Duchamp, Anaïs Nin and Jean Cocteau were influences, but so were Lauryn Hill and disco superstar Sylvester, meaning Quattlebaum would never be happy as just an "underground artist." Looking to bring some art to the mainstream, he began to perform crushing industrial rock under the name No Fear and glamorous, ghetto-fabulous riot grrrl rap under the name Mykki Blanco. In 2012, Mykki made her grand entrance with the Mykki Blanco and the Mutant Angels EP, featuring cuts like "Join My Militia (Nas Gave Me a Perm)" and "Gay Dog."

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Thursday September 12th

Mickey Avalon


Mickey’s contagious demeanor and unique writing style has made him a hot commodity in the music industry as hip-hop artist Young Jeezy and producer Jermaine Dupri jumped at the chance to collaborate with him for a Boost Mobile commercial. Avalon then joined forces with rock acts the Happy Mondays, and Unwritten Law, with whom he co-wrote the radio hit “Shoulda Known Better”. His music has been featured in countless movies and television series including the HBO’s series Hung, the animated series American Dad, the Duke Nukem Forever video game, “Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay” and most recently in the trailers for the Cameron Diaz film “Bad Teacher.”

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Wednesday September 11th

Curren$y at the World Beat Center


Porter's Pub Presents

Curresn$y live in San Diego

At the Worldbeat Center

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