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Brew Club at Porter's Pub

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Who We Are

The Brew Club at Porter's Pub consists of a group of individuals who share the common passion for beer and all of its yeasty goodness. While Porter's Pub stands on the campus of UCSD, and as a result of such, some of our members are students, faculty or affiliated with the University in some way, we welcome all walks of life to our establishment to share knowledge about brewing, and enjoy brewing as friends.

What We Do

We brew every 2 weeks on Sunday mornings. We start our meetings at 10:30 a.m. and continue into the afternoon. Along with brewing and tasting, we provide food for our members for a small $5 donation per meeting. The donation covers the cost of food, tasting of brew, as well as materials.

Past Brews

  • Porter Smoked Porter
  • Brew Club Members

  • Michael Dores
  • Alejandro Escobar
  • Ricky Valdes
  • Jonathan Okerblom
  • Stephen Lawler
  • Michael Long
  • Chris Olson
  • Michael Doud
  • Andrew Yi
  • Lucas Rohm
  • Glenn Laursen
  • Brewing Rentals

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