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Saturday June 8th

Kidd Swagg

Kidd Swagg


At the age of 20, Nicholas Taylor, aka “Kidd Swagg,” is on his way to becoming a solid presence in the entertainment industry as a recording artist/entertainer. His crew, known as TRD (Team Run Dat), are a group of enterprising, young, educated individuals that share the same goal and that is "to be able to achieve great success doing what they love for the rest of their lives...entertaining the world". Kidd Swagg has a unique style of rap. His wordplay and comically intriguing series of similes and metaphors are what keeps people listening to his music. As a college student at Sacramento State University, he is well known on campus for his swagged out flattop, his flamboyant taste in clothing and for his hardcore addiction to shoes. Purchase Tickets here

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